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MDDM Video to DVD
VHS, VHSC, 8mm, Hi8, Betamax, Mini DV, Betacam, U-Matic to DVD

We copy from: VHS, VHSC, 8mm, Hi8, Betamax, Mini DV, Betacam, U-Matic to DVD
Any 1 of the above to DVD = 15 each + vat + postage = 20 each
2 or more = 10 each + vat + postage = 13 each
Copies = 5 each inclusive of vat & postage.
Please ring 02392 583077 for any enquiries or special requirements

MDDM DVD Duplication

The term "duplication" is applied to quantities of less than 500 units, and refers to the process of burning data onto a blank DVD.

Duplication with on-body DVD print

1 - 50  DVDs - 2.00 per DVD
51-100 DVDs - 1.50 per DVD
101 - 200 DVDs - 1.25 per DVD

DVD cases from 15p
Plastic wallets from 10p

Duplication only (no on-body DVD print)

1 - 50  DVDs - 1.50 per DVD
51-100 DVDs - 1.10 per DVD
101 - 200 DVDs - 1.00 per DVD

All prices are exclusive of VAT

MDDM CD/ROM Duplication

The term "duplication" is applied to quantities of less than 500 units, and refers to the process of burning data onto a blank CD.

Duplication with on-body CD print
10 - 399 CDs - 1.20 per CD
400 - 599 CDs - 1.10 per CD
600 - 999 CDs - 1 per CD
1000+ CDs - call for up-to-date prices
CD cases from 12p
Duplication without on-body CD print
10 - 500 CDs - 60p per CD
500+ call for quote

All prices are exclusive of VAT

VHS Duplication

Quantity E15 E30 E60 E90 E120 E180
1 copy 4.00 4.50 5.00 5.50 6.00 7.00
2-4 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 6.00
5-9 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.50
10-29 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 5.00
30-99 1.50 2.00 2.35 2.75 3.45 4.00
100-499 1.25 1.75 2.15 2.35 2.65 3.00
500-999 1.00 1.10 1.45 1.75 2.35 2.75
1000-1500 0.90 1.00 1.25 1.45 1.75 1.90
Prices include tape stock

Plastic Amray cases for videos       0.40p
Cardboard sleeves for videos         0.18p
Face Labels (Printed)                         0.10p
Spine labels (Printed)                         0.10p

All Prices are Exclusive of VAT

Slide Duplication


1 - 36

37 - 72

73 - 108
Standard: Slides are transferred to video in the customer's preferred order with copyright free music
Deluxe: As standard but each slide dissolves into the next.

Streaming and progressive download video examples - you can benefit from our website video service -your video live on the web from 25 per month! ask for more info
Video to DVD - MDDM offers Video to DVD conversion and copying services for all your domestic and small business needs.

All DVDs come in a full sized DVD case with your title printed onto the cover and on the DVD itself. Chapter markers are added at five minute intervals throughout the recording to assist navigation.
To place an order, complete the form, print it and sign it, then send it with your tapes to:

MDDM ltd ~ 15 Saint Mary's Avenue ~ Gosport Hants PO12 2HU ~ Tel Fax: 02392 583077 ~


Do you have old Cine films tucked away in the Attic?
Let us transfer them for you for as little as 20 for your 1st 50ft
and 4 for each subsequent 50ft
Fill in the booking form today!


Cine film in
DVD out

Transfer your old videos  to DVD
VHS * S-VHS * 8MM * HI-8 * Digital 8
DV * Mini DV * DVCam * Betamax
" Umatic * DVD *  BetaCam SP
Please note: Betacam SP, U-Matic & DVCam
add 5 per tape to DVD

from only 20 inc p/p (per tape)

Online booking form
Cine films to video or DVD from 20
Online booking form

     REEL SIZE (8mm)


Cost inc P/P

3 Inch Reel (50ft) 4 mins 20
4 Inch Reel (100ft) 8 mins 24
5 Inch Reel (200ft) 16 mins 32
6 Inch Reel (300ft) 24 mins 40
7 Inch Reel (400ft) 32 mins 48

     REEL SIZE (Super 8mm)


Cost inc P/P
3 Inch Reel (50ft) 3 mins 30 secs 20
4 Inch Reel (100ft) 7 mins 24
5 Inch Reel (200ft) 14 mins 32
6 Inch Reel (300ft) 21 mins 40
7 Inch Reel (400ft) 28 mins 48

     REEL SIZE (16mm)


Cost inc P/P
400ft 11 mins 06 secs 50
1000ft 27 mins 46 secs 75

Methods of payment
By Cheque or Postal Order with your order...

If the total amount of the order is known please send cheque or postal orders with your order (made payable to "MDDM Ltd")

By Cheque or Postal Order after sending your order...
If you are not sure of the total order amount simply send in your order without payment and we will inform you of the options and the costs. You can then send us your payment by cheque or postal order (made payable to "MDDM Ltd")

By Wire Transfer / Online Banking...
If you wish to pay for your conversions using your online banking facilities please contact us for account information.

MDDM video film production provides equipment hire filming crews, and all media duplication.
We also make, maintain and host over 80 websites, and make and host streaming video for the web.
Check out our many client website examples in our clients page.

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Malcolm  Dent  Digital  Media  is  the  name of the company that we work under. I, together with Carol my wife and Chris my son film and produce  travel  documentaries,  wedding and corporate videos,  and then duplicate to video CD-ROM and DVD.

My name is Malcolm Dent and I have spent the last 30 years making videos of anything that moved - or didn't - as  the  case  may be.  In the  early nineties  my wife Carol and I went on holiday with friends to Pinewood  Village  on the shores of Gallu beach in Kenya. as always I took my camera ( having left the professional gear at home I took a Sony Hi 8 camera just for a record).

Never have I been more envious of BBC cameramen with enormous zoom lenses as when I am trying to capture my subject on a 12 to 1 zoom capability. I would trade most of the useless extras that manufacturers seem convinced that the purchaser wants, for a more powerful optical zoom lens.

While having dinner with Justin the manager, he mentioned that he needed a video of Pinewood to help attract people to his delightful resort. I explained that I only had a small camera with me, but the place looked so good that I was sure I could produce enough to help him.

Pinewood beach at various times of the day, from sunrise to sunset

Little did I realise then what a course of events would lead from that evening meeting. I spent the rest of our holiday as I  usually do,  getting up at sunrise to film the shore creatures,  then travelling  to various points of interest to gather material for the video.  We then returned to England and I edited the film and sent it back to Justine, the manager of Pinewood for his verdict.

During our second filming trip to Kenya, I linked my home town of Gosport in Hampshire through my Rotary Club with a project run by the Mnarani Hotel, using local people and paying them to produce desks for the local school. Many hotel guests sponsored desks which had their name carved on them.

Happily, he was delighted and ordered 500 copies to distribute to his agents around the world.
What had made our video stand out was the attention to detail with the wildlife,  as I would spend hours trying  to film a crab coming out of it's  sandy hide-hole on  the beach,  or remain motionless  by a tree trying  to capture a  Humming  bird (I  have  wasted  more  video  on Humming birds than on  any other subject, and never been happy with the end result).

So, I had finished the project, had a happy client, but I was left in a void, for I felt that the video would be a useful selling tool, but to whom?   Unusually  for me I  had  a  flash of  inspiration.  We had arranged  the  holiday  with Tropical Places, who had looked after us through their  Kenya rep extremely well,  so instead of sending them a thank-you note, I sent the video.

Malcolm cycling around Kenya

You  can imagine  my amazement when the C.E.O. rang me up to congratulate me on the video and to ask if we would like to visit some of their locations and make films for them.

Over the next 5 years we travelled around the  Caribbean making videos of the Islands, using the same format that had  worked so well in Kenya.  They just arranged all travel and accommodation, and it was left to me to  film and edit as I saw  fit and then give  them the final result,  which, apart from very minor changes was just as I had finished it.

Carol  accompanied  me on  several of  the trips as I insisted on 2 weeks per  location in case of overcast or inclement weather, and when  underwater  footage was essential,  my son Chris came so that we could split our time and double the footage.

Chris relaxing at the Mnarani

We shot on average 12 hours of DV footage on our VX1000/2000 cameras and I cannot praise them highly enough. Small enough not to attract attention but high quality enough to give sparkling results, it is the still pictures from our video footage that populate these webs.
One  of  the  most  exciting  bits  left to  finish  these  webs  will be the video footage of the Islands and Hotels that we have filmed for people to download to their P.C's, which we shall be starting soon.
You can already order videos or CD-ROMS of our visits to watch at home.

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