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Driving Tips

On this page you will find useful information about the Do's and don'ts of hiring your dream car and pictorial directions from both airports
Orlando International   Sanford International

Have your driving license and passport ready, you may also need your booking reference that the travel company gave you.
Note – You will be asked to take out extra insurance. It’s up to you but don’t get fooled by this. As long as you have the insurances booked through your agent and adequate personal insurance, you should be OK.
If you came by yourself or without a booking. – You will need to arrange your insurance with the clerk. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Loss, Third Party Liability and local taxes & cover charges are all compulsory.
Extra insurance for personal injury will almost definitely be covered by your holiday insurance... But, it's up to you.
You may also be asked if you want to pre-pay for a full tank of gas at return of the car. Personally I wouldn’t fall for it.
This may be the most expensive petroleum sprit you ever buy.
If you stay for a week and only potter around the local area, you may not need to visit a gas station and this is another worry off your mind.
Don’t worry though, buying gas is ‘a gas’ and well worth the experience.
Some companies offer a free tank on return - you may want to ask!

Finding your car at Orlando International Airport

The Car Rental Desks are at street level...

If hiring from one of the major companies, you will walk out of the big doors and across to the multi-story car park
Note – This may be your first breath of the outside air. Hopefully it will be warm and it may be very hot!

Savour the moment, you have finally arrived…

Follow the signs to your rental company and look for the isle that has your car type. Compact, Intermediate, Full Size, etc.

Note – If your type isle is empty, just pick the next car ‘up’ Not ‘down’

This is an automatic upgrade to the next biggest size. Don’t downgrade yourself.

This type of upgrade is free of charge and gets you a better car at no extra cost, just because they ran out of cars…

Getting to know your vehicle

You will need all the help from your ‘team’ and your designated co-pilot that you can muster for the next hour or so…

Load up your bags and return your trolley to its parking bay.

Take a look around the outside of the car and make sure that everything looks in order.

Watch out for scratches and if you see any, you should report them to a representative, if you can find one and/or you don’t like the look of the car, just pick another.

Note - If at this point you think your car size is too small. Go back to the Rental Desk and ask about an upgrade.

If you want, you can stick with what you have and change it tomorrow, if you are tired or are apprehensive about your pending journey. Less hassle. Just give them a call anytime.


Starting your epic first journey

Politely ask the family to calm down and take a look around the inside of the car.

Most controls are fairly international. Lights on the steering column stalks etc.

Adjust the seat to get comfortable. You may need the Ignition to be at first position to get electric seats to move.

Check out that gear shift on the right hand side. Even if you are familiar with an automatic it is still unusual for it to be on the right side.

You may find some unusual advanced feature you are not used to.

Parking / hand brake on a foot pedal is common.

Automatic lighting controls are also popular they only switch the lights on when the engine is running and it is dark outside and they do it by themselves...

Possible auto locking systems can be confusing too. Learn about this from the User Guide tomorrow, but don’t fiddle with the options.

There are tollbooths on the roads from both of Orlando's airports, so get your co-pilot to have the change or small bills together.

Ensure the gear selector is in ‘P’ (park) and switch the engine on.

Note for much later - Dig out the user guide from the glove compartment and read it over a coffee tomorrow morning

A good look around, think right and head for the 'Exit'...

Leaving the parking area

You must 'Check out' of the Rental Car Park, so have your Rental Paperwork ready and a coupon that was in the car. Maybe hanging from the mirror.

Pull away from the Booth across the spikes and away we go... Follow the 'Exit' signs..

Leaving the airport From Orlando International Airport (MCO)

There are two ways to get to Kissimmee from Orlando International.

Your travel company or agent will hopefully have given you detailed information on the best route to take…

  1. Heading North to the Beeline Expressway and then West towards the Interstate - I 4.
    We have driving directions here...
  2. Heading South, out the back way, to The Central Florida Greenway Route 417 and taking an exit at a point close to the area where you are staying.
    We have driving directions here...

Finding your car at Sanford International Airport

Much easier than at Orlando International, you just pick up your luggage after immigration and cross the road to your rental agency. Check the instructions above from "Getting to know your vehicle" if you have not already read it.


Leaving the airport From Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB)

Heading south on the SR-417 to Kissimmee
We have driving instructions here...