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 K I S S I M M E E

On this page you will find useful information about Kissimmee

Just a few miles from all the hub-bub of WALT DISNEY WORLD exists a wonderful community that is really old Florida. Historic Downtown Kissimmee is often missed in all the rush to visit the attractions, but for those who want a real Florida experience, Carol and I have found Historic Downtown Kissimmee is an essential part of any holiday to Central Florida..

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Historic Downtown Kissimmee has been at the centre of life in Osceola County since the early 1890's, and today it continues to grow with the surrounding community while staying deeply rooted in the past. Lake Toho and cattle were at the centre of Kissimmee's beginning, and both are still a vibrant part of Historic Downtown Kissimmee.



One of our favourite parts of being a homeowner in Poinciana is the closeness of Old Kissimmee, which is only 10 minutes away. The glamour of the old buildings, the imposing Civic offices and the Courthouse, the proximity of Lake Toho and the number of free events that are put on for the residents makes this my number one attraction when at home in Florida. The pictures above are from an open air classical concert given by the Orlando Symphony Orchestra and Christmas festivities in December.



In the pictures above (left) you can't pick out Carol from the mural until you see the close-up in picture 2.

On the flat exterior walls of Lanier's Historic Downtown Market Place Tom Copella, artist/designer, is bringing to life the era of a time gone by. His rendering captures a small town city scape with neighbours out for a stroll, friends sitting and enjoying one another's company. It is delightful seeing the realistic back ally and, of course, Tom hasn't forgotten the little furry friends who play in this part of town.


Tree lined streets are part of our National Register Historic District, a pedestrian friendly down- town featuring antique shops, western wear, clothing stores and restaurants; a play area and beautiful Lake Toho combine to offer something for everyone.


Kissimmee is proud to have the oldest courthouse in continual use in the State of Florida, and Goold's Western Wear was one of the first outlets to sell Levi Jeans in the country.

The Monument of States offers every visitor a chance to find a piece of home while on vacation. Monument to the States. Constructed of 1,500 stones brought from each of the 50 states and 22 foreign countries. Built in 1943 and was paid for by local citizens.


On each block there's something new to see, from the steamboat architecture of the Presbyterian Church to the hanging tree at the courthouse.


Whether you're a fisherman, bird watcher or sun worshiper, Lake Toho has everything you'll need. Just a few minutes from the shoreline, you'll know what those first visitors to Florida must have seen. The birds and wild life will intrigue the most experienced traveller and the fishing is great.

Kissimmee Rodeo
Rodeo has been a part of Kissimmee history since "cow hunters" were made famous by Frederick Remington. The Silver Spurs Rodeo comes to town twice a year, in October and February, bringing national rodeo stars to Kissimmee-St. Cloud, while every Friday night at 8.00pm you an visit our local Kissimmee Rodeo which Carol and I visit nearly every time we come to Florida.

Useful telephone numbers:

AA 24 hour Hotline: (407)870-8282
American Heart Association: 1-800-929-2033
American Red Cross: (407)847-2780
Osceola Red Cross: (407)894-4141
Central Florida Blood Bank: (407)847-5747
Children's Home Society: (407)847-5333
County Commissioners Office: (407)847-1200
Foster Care Recruitment Office: (407)245-0470
Give Kids The World: (407)396-1114
Healthy Start (Osceola City Public Health): (407)892-8404
Hospice of the Comforter: (407)932-0444
Kissimmee Library: (407)935-0777
Kissimmee/Osceola Chamber of Commerce: (407)847-3174
Kissimmee-St. Cloud Convention and Visitors Bureau: 1-800-327-9159
Mosquito Control: (407)892-4358
Osceola City Children's Home: (407)847-6048
Osceola City Convention and Visitors Bureau: (407)847-5000
Osceola County Animal Control: (407)892-5292
Osceola County Humane Society: (407)943-2106
Poison Control:1-800-282-3171
Special Olympic Volunteers: (407)870-2292
Tag Office: (407)847-1535

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