Florida Wildlife 3

More images filmed by me using my
Sony VX1000 digital video camera

Disney has built a large wilderness
trail area in Poinciana, and we have
our own pair of Golden eagles which
nest in the Nature study Centre just
down the road.
Open free at week-ends
Mangrove roots show water fluctuations Lake Toho is over 20 miles across
Bobcats, deer, raccoons, buzzards,
ospreys, Sand Hill Cranes, turtles,
and literally hundreds of wild
creatures and migratory birds make
for many pleasant outings.

Manatees and Dolphins are found in
our waterways and if you like fishing,
there are almost as many lakes as
there are people.
Bobcats are rarely seen these days
Our nearest big stretch is called
Lake Tohopikaliga, locally known
as Lake Toho.   You can
take the
airboat ride through the wetlands
and watch alligators in the wild.

Flocks of widgeon and duck feed
along the 10 mile lake and many
types of heron and snake
birds patrol the shallows.
Air-boat rides at Southport
Sunset on Lake Toho Alligators are on the increase
Manatees are benefiting from local conservation projects
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